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Facebook has Launched New Money Making Tool for Gaming Streamers

Facebook has announced some new monetization option for gaming streamers With the new monetization features,gaming creators on facebook can raise revenue with the support of their fans watching their streams.

  • Facebook Gaming is expanding the availability of two key monetization tools to an increasing number of streamers. First, the platform is rolling out its fan subscription product to creators within its level up program who achieve 250 returning weekly viewers

Facebook is also adding a new, larger display option for those donating higher display option for those donating higher star amounts, which will provide more visibility in the chat stream.

And as noted, those tools could ,eventually, be extended to all live-streamer.Facebook first launched stars with gaming streamers only, before extending them to more pages and creator in june this year,in order to provide additional income opportunities for performers who had lost opportunities due to covid-19 closures.

Facebook Gaming is expanding its key monetization tools, hoping to increase the number of streamers that create content on the platform and Content most important part of digital marketing .The key tools Facebook Gaming is focusing on is Fan Subscriptions,Live Ads and Live Breaks.

Essentially, Fan Subscription allow viewers to support creators with recurring monthly payments of $5. It seems likely that these additional tools, if they prove successful, will also be made available to more streamers in future - so even if you're not a gaming creator,it could be worth noting for future opportunities.

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