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Learn Digital Journalism step by step through real time examples and reach more people and make your voice count!

What is Digital Journalism?

Journalism is one of the many pillars on which a social civilization stands. With the world going digital, its only fair that journalism get its fair share of space on the internet. However, that share of space has led to a whole new division called Digital Journalism. A career as a digital journalist is a combination of traits that span from traditional journalism basics to modern technological standards.


DigiHakk Institute -  India brings a course that gathers the spirit of true journalism and models it with all the modern technologies of this age. The course focuses on deep understanding of the most rudimentary elements that build up journalism along with the production and optimization skills. The emphasis is on the development of digital-social skills that are elementary for a career in the field of digital journalism.


Introduction to the Course


The specifics of this course are dedicated towards clarifying what digital journalism stands for. And while there are many definitions, one that suits it best, is too vast to comprehend in one go.


Keeping this challenge in mind, this course introduces you to all the aspects of the profession. It involves creating originally creative content, printing it and distributing it via the fastest mode available- the internet


Course Modules


The curriculum for this program is divided into several separate topics to evenly distribute the process. The entire set can involve aspects from various heights and widths. It involves creative writing, social networking, blogging, media distribution and device optimization along with many other factors and features going on a similar path.


The division of modules of this course is strongly modelled according to the various career options that you can have after its completion. Some of these career options include public relation specialists, advertising sales agent and advertising managers.

What you will Learn in

Digital Journalism

1. Introduction to traditional journalism and evolution of digital journalism

2. Mass communication basics

3. Entrepreneurial approaches to creating and distributing content

4. Role of social media and social networking

5. Forms of interactive journalism

6. Tools for media distribution and processing information

7. Web and social computing

8. Interactional tools- Video, audio and readable

9. BlackHat Techniques in PR Growth

10. Observational sessions


Technical Support

Practical Training

Practical Training

Confused ? What to do

Program Length


The entire course has been planned to take up 2 months. This course involves the assessment and examinations and any other activities included in the program such as the Interactive session, the case studies etc.


Program Key points


The major factors that should be pondered over while deciding a course to pursue and an institution to help along, can be kind of confusing. While this is no guide on how to choose courses to build your career, DigiHakk prides itself on its straightforward nature. And hence, here is a list of all that this course has to present to you.


  • Professionally trained and experienced trainers

  • Appropriately planned curriculum after hours of contemplative sessions

  • Observatory sessions, interactive sessions and practical experience is given utmost priority

  • Industrial touch is never lost with the constant dynamic nature of the teaching process

  • Examination and Certification


After the one year of the course gets finished, the ending is cemented with an evaluation. The examination lands all the pass outs, a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Journalism that validates their capabilities in the concerned area.


Industry and Corporate Placements


After the one year of the course gets finished, the ending is cemented with an evaluation. The examination lands all the pass outs, a certificate that validates their capabilities in the concerned area.


It is one thing to gain knowledge but it's another to get a chance in the wild forest the industry is. With so much competition in the market at this point of time, DigiHakk equips you with opportunities in organisations with a good reputation.

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