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WhatsApp update its privacy policy

All the WhatsApp users have until 8 February to accept these new terms.

WhatsApp has updated its privacy settings, now WhatsApp will share its data with its parent company or we can say its family company Facebook. A new notification is coming up on everyone's WhatsApp giving us information about its new updated policy. If user do not accept this policy then user will not be able to access their WhatsApp accounts.

This new update has caused a lot of problem over the new privacy policy. Especially with respect to sharing its data with its parent company Facebook. WhatsApp says sharing data will help and support their activities and improve our services.

Information's like mobile number and basic information you give to create WhatsApp account and profile photo, your status .It also collect information like which device you are using.

WhatsApp has given clarity on your messages , that all your messages will be secured neither with parent company nor with the third party they will be shared all the messages will be fully secured and safe.

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