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Social Media Tools To Increase Engagement

Need engagement? Here are some Social Media Tools To Increase Engagement

Manually running and handling business is a very hard task.

It is very time-consuming.

You need to be consistent in sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc…

And you also need to be monitoring your mentions, comments, direct messages, and etc..

How to manage?


It enables you to schedule up to 2,000 social media posts.

You can easily analyze the activities.


This tool helps to measure the popularity of a brand has online, based on information from 32 social networking sites.

Means it helps you to figure out what your competitors are doing.

Will help you to dominate.

Adobe spark

This will help you to step up your game by creating easy graphics.

The more attractive your posts are, the more you will gain(engagement).


Canva is the best in my opinion for graphic designing.

Logos, design, custom design all are available.

It has both types paid and free but the free one is also very good.


This helps you to connect up to thirty five social media platforms.

With one click, you can post on all the social media platforms you have selected.

It allows you to collaborate, and integrate, and analyze your best content.

Provide you a dashboard.

Who unfollowed me

This can get an accurate picture of those who are unfollowing you on twitter.

This tool will help in an analysis of which kind of users to attract and left.

Same applications are also available for Instagram you can search directly on google.


This provides you with some important stuff for Instagram

Like: how many  likes received, the average number of total likes,

your most liked photo ever, chart of your followers, and some even more.

Helps you to enhance your engagement.

Sprout Social

This provides you with a fast and reliable way to respond to your clients queries.


It keeps you informed of every tweet from your competitors.

Help you in staying up to date and keep an eye on the competition.

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