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Social Media Guide

This is what Wikipedia says Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites:-?

It is not totally that.

So let’s start with today’s blog.

You always hear about a few social media platforms.

There is a listing of over 200 on Wikipedia.

Social media changes faster as compared to other online spaces.


2004 where it all started,  they opened Facebook to everyone in 2006.

It offers marketers the most data and the most targeted ads.

How much in detailed?

Location: any

Interests: any

Job title: Founder till anyone

Relationship, age, gender, language and this is how much you can detail.

The strategy is very important but this is what called detailed marketing.

There are many options according to your need.


You can also use the option for”similar audience” and enjoy the benefits.


You can also run that ad on Instagram by clicking a single button.

No extra work needed.

Facebook Live 

Have a very high reach as compared to posts.

Maybe it makes us feel more connected or more transparency is the reason why people love it.

Users spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded videos.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

This thing is getting huge every single day.

Most are underrated but in future, they will not.

According to Garyvee, it is one of the best to use and put your hands in.

In the case of this Instagram top the list.


In a single day, users watch about one billion hours on it.

It is equal to 114,000 years of time  huh!

It’s a huge yes.

Great way to share long-form content with your audience.

You can use other social media channels as a path drive your followers to YouTube by giving excerpts.

We will talk about LinkedIn and Snapchat  In upcoming blogs.

So that’s it for today

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