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Social Media Guide 2

Let’s start with-

Video Ads

Considering video ads on youtube

Depending on which type of ad you use

viewers will either be able to skip your ad after a few seconds

Or they have to watch the entire thing different strategies for different business.

So testing is the best way to do it.


LinkedIn is actually alive from 2002.

In initial days it only had 20 sign ups but now

It’s able to connect with over 467 million members.

On LinkedIn means it all about being professional.

People here are only for Business that’s the one thing.

LinkedIn Groups :

They are just like Facebook groups but for business.

This is an strategy for making connections and growing your audience.


It is the same as other social media platforms.

It is the most effective platform for the b2b business category.


People here on LinkedIn are for business talks and you must take most out of it.

The advertisement may be the way.


Snap has about 178 million daily active users.

The app worth more than 33 billion (according to some sources)

The content means videos and images disappear in 10 seconds.

You can give audience access to a live event.

Like you can like posts some snaps and share with your audience.

Majority users of Snapchat are teens or around a young age only.

But as the digital world is growing at the rapid rate

the older ones are also heading towards it.

Companies like Hubspot uses it to establish their brand personality.

So yes you can use it for b2b sales.

Yes, it’s true that it requires more creativity than other platforms.

But plenty of businesses are doing and getting benefits from it.

More Platforms

You can use platforms like


Many more…

We will surely talk about it in upcoming blogs.

Hope you liked today’s content.

Thank You for staying up till here

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