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LinkedIn has build on new profile feature to address career gaps.

LinkedIn has added new feature from which user can now address gaps in employment history with profile options to indicate when life events such as a parental leave, family care or sabbatical occurred.

There new update in LinkedIn is recent efforts to improve users profiles.

And the company says that more feature are about to come in next month. The new job titles allow full-time parents and caretakers to more accurately display their roles, such as “stay-at-home mom,” “stay-at-home dad” and “stay-at-home parent”.

It's time to remove the stigma of employment gaps and give people the opportunity to rebrand. LinkedIn has also introduced new features like the video resume cover story that allows users to personalize to better engage with their audience and reach recruiters.

LinkedIn says the reason for adding these options to user profiles is less to do with any stigma associated with career gaps, and more to do with how the pandemic forced millions of parents to put work on hold to care for their children.

People who are self-employed or do freelance work can now list those jobs on their LinkedIn profile without having to specify an employer.

The new listing options are now available in the app.

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