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The noise in the media is about the new social platform CLUBHOUSE. It is launched by Paul Davison in April 2020. It is an iPhone’s unique live audio platform app where individuals can host and join diverse conversations. On opening the app, you will get a list of “rooms” which you can join, or you can create your own room. Each and every room has a diverse topic, often compared by a pioneer in the meadow. As you enter a room, you hear ongoing conversations. If you raise your hand, you might be called upon stage to join the discussion. As you contribute to the conversation, you might be made a moderator. The expected on-stage behavior is to mute yourself until you’re called on or until you have something important to add. As this happens, the room transforms into a naturally structured conversation, where the moderators control the dialog. As long as someone is moderating, a room can run for hours. This allows you to call others up on the stage. There is hardly any text or picture or video. The clubhouse is all about audio. It looks like joining a live podcast episode. And if you are enjoying the conversation, better not to leave, because nothing is saved and you will not be able to play it.

The clubhouse app earned infamy after celebrities such as Virgil Abloh, Drake and even Oprah joined. There are 10.1 million users who are now enjoying the podcast game. Many famous influencers and popular social media artists have joined the clubhouse and are connecting with their peers and followers. The clubhouse is exclusive because it offers a sense of security for prestigious users and allows for fascinating conversations. On the app, celebrities feel safe because they don’t have fear of saying anything which will become the new headline news. To join the clubhouse, it is necessary for you to be invited to the clubhouse by someone who is already a member. After being a member you can invite up to four of your friends to join Clubhouse. The best part about Clubhouse is that there is something for everyone. Conversation varies from debating to political commentary by regarded reporters to Real housewives drama. It’s a never-ending drama covering all eclectic topics. Just enter your favorite room and start listening and it can last for hours.


1. Virality At Its Peak

Unlike other social platforms, followers are different on Clubhouse. By simply asking questions and getting invited up on stage, people will check out your profile and follow you. As your network grows in Clubhouse, you’ll be able to draw larger crowds.

2. Your Voice Is Your Power, Not Your Face !!!

A major thing that people are running from is live video, people don’t like to be camera focused. This unique audio chatting app has eliminated all the barriers. Your voice is all you need and you are ready to go.

3. Speedily Building Of Business Connections

There are many possibilities of building your business on Clubhouse. We can have private conversations with people whom we want to work with. Rather than exchanging visiting cards, people check out your Instagram and Twitter profile and connect with like-minded people.

4. Empowers You to Use Your Voice

On Clubhouse it‘s all about what you utter out of your mouth, it’s no longer about the number of followers you have. The more knowledge better is the power of making connections. The focus on Clubhouse is not on the metrics, but just on what you speak.

5. Offers Real Human Engagement

Clubhouse opens up small group discussions on a wide range of topics. It’s not unusual for people to share their failures along with their successes. You can debate with other people on a particular topic and also raise your voice if you don’t agree on something. By expressing yourself on Clubhouse you get better human engagement.

6. You Can Test Your Ideas

The clubhouse provides a great opportunity to crowdsource content. You can get fresh ideas on it plus you can share your ideas too. It also allows us to explore expressing ourselves in new areas. The best thing is that we get the instant reactions of people on idea we want to pursue.

With many innovative tech companies, it’s difficult to project what the future will behold for Clubhouse. As the app grows, both in profile and user base, it’s confirmed to figure into conversations about digital discourse. The app is still niche, but the social media world has shown that something digital like Clubhouse can become huge virtually overnight.

Clubhouse app is the ultimate gift born during the global pandemic of 2020 !!!

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