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Instagram Adds Fresh Innovative Tools in Reels and Stories

Instagram became a king in Short Videos like a tiktok.

Instagram has added some new addition to your creative option in both Reels and Stories.while also tweaking a few existing functions and expanding the roll out of its branded content.

First off, Reels - as shared by social media expert & Digital Marketeer Matt Navarra, Instagram's adding new Audio Mix and Voice-over options into your Reels composition tools.

Navarra also notes that Instagram is now adding a Reels watermark to the top left of your clips,which will ensure branding when Reels clips are re-shared.

What are the new features of Instagram Reels ?

From this new feature you can access the new 'mix audio' and 'voice-over' option by tapping the microphone at the top of the Reels composer screen.This option enable users to add additional audio tracks - either via voice or music clip - to their Reels clip,and it also provide editing function for your presentation like Tik Tok has all this new features. TikTok has the same functions. so it is of course , a copy of TikTok.

In addition , to that Instagram has also updated the Edit Clips option within Reels. The feature provides users with more specific capacity to change each item.Instagram updated this feature in september. Including improve crop and deletion options but this new control appears to provide more specific editing capacity within each part. Moving on to the stories feature, the platform has released a new Camera Booth or the Multi-Capture mode.

Over on Instagram Stories , user Amrit Kumar has shared this screenshot of a new Camera Booth mode which takes several shots in sequence.

The mood will allow users to click several pictures in a single shots.The new options will enable users to add creativity to their Reels and Stories.

These are all relatively minor additions.However, they can be useful in highlighting your Reels and Stories.

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