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Impact of Digital Marketing in 2021

By analysis Google trend i came to know that the most growing field in 2020 is digital Marketing and the same upward trend is going to be continue in upcoming year 2021.

So many analysis and statistics were done for businesses, world, economic etc have failed this year but the only analysis that rely upon is Digital Marketing. As shown in google trend graph.The global pandemic had an impact on every business,but Digital Marketing remains stand.Many Digital Marketing experts are sharing their views on future trends and many of them having same view that Digital Marketing hub may become permanent .

According to analysis the only media of marketing and advertising is going to be digital.

Social media will become most powerful tool for purchase and sale of goods and services in the market.Social media platforms are making it easier for consumers to buy goods and services. so in 2021 social media is going to gain more popularity for e-commerce.And all the firms, businesses should be read to devote more resources to social media marketing in 2021.

So what you think will Digital marketing in 2021 create more value and force consumer to shift their behaviours ?


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