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Google Adsense – How does Google Adsense work?

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program in which we can display Google Ads on Websites and earn revenue from the hits that generate traffic for the search engine. It represents businesses of all sizes worldwide in different languages. It is an expansion and refinement of the concept behind banner -ads sharing arrangements that have been in use for years. Google AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google itself on the web using strategies of search engine marketing(SEM) as well as search media marketing. This technique is designed for the web publishers who want to do marketing about its own targeted videos, images or text advertisements on any website pages eventually publisher will earn money when website visitors view or click the ads.

For eg., if you have a blog or website and you have content or article written on it and you want to show any ads on it to earn some money then you have to apply for Google AdSense. Generally, it takes two to seven business days to review your blog or website. When Google thinks that it is fit to advertise ads on your blog or website then you get approved. And then you take HTML codes from your Google AdSense account and then you have to embed it on your blog or website. After some time you will get start seeing the ad on your blog or website. Saying something ad by Google. And when anybody clicks on the ads shown on your blog or website you get paid cost per click(CPC) basis.

CPC is Cost per click

CPC is mostly used in advertise. Let us take an example, suppose, i get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for an another click, so total click is 2 so your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 = 0.51$. Cost Per Click is another factor in Google Adsense to decide the performance along with eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

CPC is the amount which you earn each time a user click on your ads. The Cost Per Click for any ad is determined by the advertiser; few advertisers may be willing to pay more money per click than others, it depending on what they’re advertising.

What is Google Adsense?

Thus Adsense and Adwords are gelled together by Google to help both the publishers as well as the advertisers. In short, It is an absolutely free way for publishers to make money on their sites. If you donot do that, in the first place Google will not approve your Google AdSense account. And if somehow you manages to get the approvals, Google review your websites time-to-time and thus can block your Google AdSense account and drop your organic traffic anytime.

How to Sign up for Google AdSense?

If you have a site with decent traffic, only then apply for the AdSense, otherwise, with a brand new site which has no traffic, it does not make any sense. Google will most probably reject your application for Ad. Google requires your site to be active for at least for last 6 months before you apply for AdSense account.

Now make sure that your site is ready for Google AdSense. Just a few traffic is not enough. Your site needs to comply with Google’s standard. Following is the basic criteria:

Create your original and highly relevant content for your targeted readers. Don’t spin or copy the content from other sites otherwise, forget a chance to rank organically on Google search engine and if somehow you rank, Google will not approve your Google AdSense account. Remember that content is still the king. So, create good content to create a good user experience. Most importantly, Google help users to find the most relevant information for there searches, so if you create original and great content which will help your users, then Google will automatically start ranking you in the top 9 searches.You must have a menu bar (or navigation bar) at the top of your site. This is not only helpful for the users on your site to find the great content they are looking at but it also helps retain the visitor(users) and increase the pages view. Not only this, Google considers it to be one of the best practice for the site user experience. And remember that your menu should be functioning very correctly, there shouldn’t be any dead links or non-clickable option anywhere.

Google AdSense Integration With YouTube

These days a lot of publishers are creating great content in the form of video which they upload on the YouTube to generate extra traffic towards their site. Sometimes video can viral and bring in great bonus traffic, which is the real deal. And Google gives an attractive option to monetize your own YouTube channel too using Google AdSense. So many of the publishers are positive about AdSense integration with their YouTube channel to make some additional money.

Can a Single Google AdSense Account Be Used With the Multiple Websites?

Yes, that’s the beauty of google Adsense. Once your AdSense account will approved, you can link it with your multiple sites. Remember one thing, never to mess up with the Google policies or to spin or copy content from other sites. As you can get banned or suspended altogether from using the Google AdSense account.

The Darkside of AdSense

For website owners, Google AdSense can be a good source of income for their site. So that many webmasters rely upon Google AdSense to pay their bills. With clicks generating anywhere from 10 cents to 1$ per click, it’s not uncommon for webmasters to use the dirty tricks to boost their good earnings.

These tricks are always against Google’s terms and conditions, but with so many money to be made from google AdSense, lots of the webmasters will take this risk.

A common tactic that many of the webmasters employee is to purposely click their own ads. Known as click fraud, this type of the fraud costs advertisers billions a year in lost ads spend. The webmaster who click their own ad obviously has no intention of ever purchasing or buying that product. Instead, they just need to earn more money.

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