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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads Which One Is Better For E-commerce

Facebook vs Instagram which one?

Social Media Advertising or Marketing gives an extra option for detailed targetting.

According to a few sites, Facebook has 2.07 billion active users and Instagram has 800 million (Data according to sep. 2017).

And insta is in a heavy hype and gaining many new users every single day.

If your band is on both the social media platforms you should work on both the platforms.

The best way is to activate your campaign on both networks but on campaign by campaign basis.

It is said by the icon Garyvee that you should start social media campaigns before its too late and other mega companies start putting their money on that and increase prices.

But which is best FB or Insta, it totally depends on your product that which platform will generate more revenue to you.

Identify on the basis:



Instagram: 70.7% of US businesses are using insta in 2017

80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram.

Over 100 million visits website, got directions and other stuff.

Facebook: Engagement from organic posts may be lowering but the audience network is huge.

You can get very specific about the kind of engagement you want.


Instagram: 800 million+ active users make a huge impact on the market.

Making it a good bet for business and brand promotion.

It has a strong organic reach and more quality or cream crowd than FB.

Facebook: 2.07 billion is a huge number, it is one of the oldest social media platforms.

Facebook has a ton of ad targeting options.





Detailed Targeting


Custom Audiences

After deciding which platform to use you should decide which type of ad is required for e-commerce.Photo Ads

Facebook has an average cost-per-click of $0.35

The Instagram ad is around $0.80.

These numbers will vary according to region and amount of audience.

Source: AdEspresso

The highest cost-per-click age group are18 to 24, 25 to 34, and 35 to 44.

Should you go with FB or Insta?

After detailed research, you may choose to run your ads on both platforms.

By running ads on both platforms this will show which platform is getting most of the attention.

Facebook allows you to manage both Facebook and Instagram ads, you just need to select an objective and go.

Another good reason to run your ads on both platforms.

No Instagram Account Required: You can still run ads on Instagram if you don’t have an Instagram account.

What Next?

Both are good platforms for e-commerce marketing.

You have to experiment and figure out which is the best revenue generator for you.

But if your product is on the professional side you can get your hands on LinkedIn too.

Snapchat is very cheap now and deserves your attention if your product relates to its audience.

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