Important Part Before doing Marketing
PPC Ad Campaigns

Many advertisers are primarily deal with their keywords – and rightfully so, given that keywords are the foundation upon which pay-per-click campaigns are built – but how those keywords are organized and structured is equally important. Despite this, far fewer advertisers concern themselves with their account structure, which can result in diminished performance and an increase in wasted spend.

    1. PPC Introduction
    2. Sign-Up With Google Adwords
    3. How to create PPC campaign
    4. How to select Keywords for PPC Campaign
    5. Creating ADs for your PPC Campaign
    6. How to Manage bids in PPC Campaign
    7. Display Ads
    8. Text Ads
    9. Video Ads
    10. Understanding Adwords Algorithms
    11. Creating Search Campaigns
    12. Advance Level Bid Strategy
    13. Types Of AdExtensions.
    14. Creating Adgroups
    15. Understanding Keywords.
    16. Tracking Performance/Conversion
    17. Remarketing

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